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Sandscapes in B&W

nature photographyPosted by Rense Nov 13, 2009 15:34:32
I think, many photographers like B&W photos, although I know several of you out there like colour better. On the Dutch pentaxforum, in reaction on one of my B&W photos, one of the forum members said: "B&W is appropriate if you want to emphasize texture and forms. And some photographers think colour is nice when you want to accentuate colour." Saying this, I thought some subjects were suited better to convert to B&W than others. I like people shots in B&W, and especially street shots. Architecture can be great in B&W. But macro? And landscape?

So I started converting some of my landscapes into B&W. And I was very surprised, because most of them looked better - at least in my opinion - in B&W.

Here are some of them, from a series I called 'Sandscapes'. They are made on Vlieland this summer.




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