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Catch in Focus - Robin

nature photographyPosted by Rense Dec 21, 2009 14:08:27
I don't have really long glass. My longest lens is the 200mm/F4 Super-Takumar, and the one just below is the SMC Pentax-M 75-150mm/F4 zoom. So nothing special and nothing to shoot wildlife really. Instead of buying long glass this season, I decided to buy me a Pentax 6x7 set. That leaves me with rather modest lenses.

If you still want to shoot some wildlife, most cameras have a nice feature for people like me. I would love to make perfect bird pictures, but without long glass or a shelter - which isn't too comfortable this time of year - this seems to be impossible. However, my Pentax K20d comes with "catch in focus", or trap focus. The principle behind this feature is that you tell the camera not to fire until the subject is in focus. After that you aim the camera at the place where you expect the subject, and when the subject appears the shutter fires.

How do you do this with the K20? It is this easy: first of all, you have to enable the catch in focus. It's in the menu, under the tab "customer". After that, you have to attach a manual focus lens, like one from the Pentax M or A series, but set the camera to AF-S. Attach the camera to a tripod and focus on the spot where you're expecting the subject you want to shoot. Next, I set the camera to "continuous transport". In order to release the shutter, I use a cable release in the locked mode.

After I installed the whole set-up, I get in, do some maintenance on my blog, drink a cup of coffee, and just be comfortable and warm. This is how I made the next picture of a Robin. For a better, sharper version you have to click!

Have fun!


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