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A day in the herbarium

workPosted by Rense Jan 18, 2010 22:19:04
Today I worked in the Dutch National Herbarium in Leiden. Together with Iris, a colleague of mine, I did some research on hawkweed (Hieracium) species that were described from the Netherlands. To link a name to a certain species, botanical rules ask that every species is defined by a type specimen. And most of the species that were described for the Netherlands were never typified, so no type specimens were designated. Which herbarium specimens are suitable to serve as type specimens is bound to strict rules (again). Our job today was to find good type specimens for some of those species.

And of course I brought my Pentax camera with me, with the A 50mm/F1.7 mounted. It served well, because I was perfectly able to make good photos of some herbarium sheets. The picture below shows the type specimen of Hieracium bifidum L. ssp. jansenii Zahn, which was found only once in the Netherlands, and which is only known of this single collection. It has to be considered extinct, because after it's first discovery in 1912, it was never seen again ...


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