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So, this is the place on the web where I will give an account of my daily life. Will it be interesting? I don't know. But at least I know I will post the things which interest me.

The end of winter

photographyPosted by Rense Feb 28, 2010 22:20:11
Today is the last day of the meteorological winter. The weather was terrible over here, with a completely overcast sky and rain, rain, and rain. But I decided to go out anyways, to shoot some landscapes. I went to the 'Noordberg', a glacial ridge in the floodplain of the river Rhine. I used the MC Zenitar fisheye 16mm/f2.8, but I'd better made an other choice. Because this lens has only a very small hood, every time there were rain drops on the front lens group, and this ruined most of my photos. But this one turned out to be okay. Made at f/11 and ISO400.


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