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Meyer Optik "Telemegor" 400mm/F5.6 as birding lens

nature photographyPosted by Rense Mar 06, 2010 20:37:37
About a week and a half ago, I bought a "Telemegor" 400/5.6, an old manual lens that can be attached to my Pentax K20d with an appropriate adapter. It is heavy, very heavy, and can't be handled without a tripod or other support. It has 19 (!!) aperture blades, and I was very curious whether it could be used as a birding lens or not.

Today I tried it along the river nearby. In this time of year, there are all kinds of large birds, and I thought I'd use this lens on the large ones first. Here are some of the first results, and I must say, this lens did not disappoint me. 30 Euros, and this quality. Judge for yourself...



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