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A gallery make-over

photographyPosted by Rense Oct 26, 2009 16:40:01
Today, I started testing some new drafts for my web galleries. Until now, I just made use of the format that was provided by my web host, but I didn't like it at all. So, now I am trying some of the formats that are included in LightRoom, the Adobe program I am using for the management of my photos.

I started with a set of photos from the Vliehors, made this summer during the vegetation mapping of this military area on a sand flat in the Wadden Sea. It's one of the most deserted areas in our densely populated country. After the cavalry left the area in the 90-s, vegetation started to develop. Most probably this is not only an effect of the cessation of the area, but also of the growth of the sand flat at its Western edge.

To cut things short: if you like the photos posted here, and want to see more, and in a better quality, you can visit the new gallery. It's to be approached through the link on my web-page (see the info on the right), or by clicking this link.

Hope you like it!

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