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Bluebells in the Hallerbos

nature photographyPosted by Rense Apr 17, 2012 09:47:12
Yesterday I visited the Hallerbos, one of the famous Bluebell forests in Flanders. It's an ancient forest on loam, with an extensive population of Bluebells (Hyacinthoides non-scripta). Since we - dwelling the northern Low Countries - don't have this species, we don't have the woodland types characterised by this species either (duh): the Endymio-Carpinetum and the Endymio-Fagetum.

It was worth the trip. As far as the eye could see the forest floor was covered with a blue carpet of Bluebells in full bloom. It was a pity that the Beeches were late, because the combination of the blue of the Hyacint with the fresh green of the Beech leaves is something special, but ay, you can't have everything, do you? Without the green it was great nonetheless, and in this way there is a good reason to visit the forest again next year or so...:)

Here some of my first photo's... Probably I will post more in the next days...

Bluebells - Hallerbos

April 16th - Bluebells

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