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Pentax 6x7 in Norway

Medium FormatPosted by Rense Nov 24, 2012 17:03:43
Last week I had some older rolls of 120 film developed. I experienced some trouble with both my Pentax 6x7 cameras last spring, but one of them, the older 6x7 (MU) was repaired by one of the pentaxians I know from one of the Pentax forums, and it seems to work quite well again. So, I took this camera with me during our summer holidays in Norway.

Here are some results! Some are shot with Kodak Ektar 100, other with Fuji Provia 100. Can you tell which are shot with which film? Visit my flickr stream to check your answers (by clicking on the photos).
Lofoten Bay



Black Mountains

My Niece


Rumex crispus


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