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So, this is the place on the web where I will give an account of my daily life. Will it be interesting? I don't know. But at least I know I will post the things which interest me.

Bramble Transect

workPosted by Rense Oct 16, 2009 14:43:57

Last two weeks I have been quite busy with a second "Bramble Transect". Last year, I sampled bramble vegetation along a 100 km transect through the Dutch provinces of Overijssel, Drenthe and Frieland, and last week I started a similar transect through the province of N-Brabant. This research is part of my PhD project. What I want to figure out is the relation between the regional bramble diversity and the bramble diversity in bramble scrubs. It's quite hard labour, but it's fun also! Up to now, I found about 17 of the 200-something Dutch bramble species in this second bramble transect. In the photos two of the more common species: Rubus plicatus (the frozen one), and Rubus nessensis.

Apart from making vegetation descriptions, I make shadow profiles from every scrub. This is quite easy with a so-called 'horizontoscope'. I use the one called 'Solar Pathfinder'. This is me, struggling with the apparatus....

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Posted by Iris Nov 05, 2009 04:19:27

It was nice helping you with the transect! I am looking forward to the next time (next week?)

Posted by Rense Oct 18, 2009 20:45:08

Hey Dave, great to see you here too smiley! Thanks for the encouragement!

Posted by Daacon Oct 18, 2009 20:40:03

Sonmebody's reading - perhaps not all that often but I commend the effort to maintain the blog.