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The Life of a Bubble

photographyPosted by Rense Jan 29, 2010 17:40:42
Today I had some fun with soap and light. Probably you've ever noticed the spectacular colours in soap bubbles? Could be during washing the dishes - like me today - or in the bubbles made by a child in summertime. But how do they look from nearby? Today I examined this, and I must say it's a spectacular experience!

I made a set-up with a rectangular frame with soap bubbles on a tripod, with a black cloth behind and some light - via a reflector - under an angle from the front. I shot the bubbles with my SMC Pentax-a 100/4 macro from as close as possible.

Never knew these soap bubbles go through different stages during their life. Here they are, have fun!

#1: turbulence, without colours

#2: colours start to emerge when the bubble comes to rest

#3: in the next stage, the bubble has bright colours

#4: the bright colours sink down

#5: on the upper side, the colours disappear

#6: the soap disappears in the upper corners

#7: this process takes over the colours

#8: just before the bubble bursts, all colours are gone

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Posted by jezza323 Jan 29, 2010 22:16:11

Very cool little photo series here. Thanks for sharing Rense. Perhaps they would work well put together in a single image? Maybe a 3x3 grid, with the title in the centre frame? Anyway, great shots!

Posted by koor Jan 29, 2010 21:54:32

Wow, amazing series Rense.
I like the colors and also the decay of the colors in the later stages.

Posted by Rense Jan 29, 2010 21:29:06

Thanks a lot Iris !

Posted by Iris Jan 29, 2010 19:10:20

Great Rense, as I already told you I like the sparkling colors!
Did not see #7 and #8 yet, also very nice.