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My 'new' FED-2

photographyPosted by Rense Mar 20, 2011 21:26:12
Last week, the mail brought me a blue FED-2. After acquiring a FED-3 some months earlier, I am constantly brousing the internet for these handsome FSU camera's. There are 5 models, but I like the FED-2 and 3a best, aesthetically. There's lot of information to find on these 'Russian' camera's all over the internet, but I think has the best, or at least most systematic, overview.

According to the above mentioned website, my blue FED-2 is a B4 version. It has the old film advance knob (later versions have a mushroom shaped knob), but the new speed dial with central column and the Industar-26 lens make for the B4-identification. However, my camera has one peculiarity: the serial number. FED-2 version B4 has a serial number range #237.000-#475.000. My camera has the number #489.835, which lies in the range of version C1! No big deal, it's a known phenomenon, but only few B4's were made with such a deviant number, so I am the happy owner of a rare camera.

And judge for yourself: isn't she beautiful?





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