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So, this is the place on the web where I will give an account of my daily life. Will it be interesting? I don't know. But at least I know I will post the things which interest me.

A tiny Cuckoo wasp

macro photographyPosted by Rense May 19, 2012 16:41:04
Two weeks ago I found a very small insect on the forget-me-nots in our backyard. First I thought it was a small ant, we have them all over. With the naked eye however, I couldn't tell what it was. Looking through the camera, I discovered a beautiful metallic blue, very tiny wasp. It's harness was sculptured, like a 'driven' metal plate or so. I thought it had to be a member of the Cuckoo wasp family, Chrysididae, although it was quite small for that. With the book about wasps I have I couldn't tell what species it was. Before I could take decent photos of it, it flew, and I couldn't find it back. Last week I noticed a similar specimen on one of the upright columbines we have in our backyard. Although I took many photos of it, none of them was good enough to show... And no wasps whatsoever after that moment... Until today! I saw a tiny bug landing on that same columbine, and even on that same flower. I grabbed my camera and made some decent shots with this beautiful insect, with the leaves of a red Heuchera in the background. I still don't know the right name for it, but beautiful it is.....Cuckoo Wasp
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Posted by SonicScot May 28, 2012 23:04:39

Hi Rense, tremendous work here so I'll be following your exploits here as well as Flickr. I'm interested in improving my macro shots without breaking the bank and you've shown that it is possible.Again, great stuff.